E-shop content & functionality audit

The audit of eshop content & functions includes the analysis of conversions from visitor to customer (Conversion Rate). Specifically in this case, the E-shop Consultant identifies the reasons why your visitors do not convert into your customers.

Content and conversion audit can only be carried out on eshops that have been operating for at least 3 months and have carried out promotional actions.

The quality of your traffic, the evaluation of the content, the adoption of call-to-purchase actions, the functions and the incentives given so that a visitor eventually becomes your customer, are the factors that determine the success of your eshop.

Thepoint of the eshop content and functions audit is to identify the reasons why your visitors are not led to a purchase. These reasons are mostly internal (eshop functions) but also external (marketplaces).

The final result of the audit is to have a clear image of what you will need to improve immediately in the eshop. Also, we will suggest you technical level solutions to solve problematic functions so that you have the lead in e-commerce.

What kind of eshop audits do we carry out

Audits on your online store are carried out by specialized eshop and e-commerce development technicians. During the audit we test all the features of the website to make sure that it has good responsiveness on the technical side and attractive features on the customer attraction, which will help you keep your customers engaged as they enjoy their shopping experience on your e-shop.

Έλεγχος διαχειριστικού σε desktop και mobile
Mobile and desktop Audit

We simulate customer browsing and evaluate the user experience your online store can offer. We check that the user interface (icons, widgets, etc.) are displayed correctly, products are sorted and displayed correctly and with correct descriptions, customers are redirected to the correct pages, etc.

Προσαρμογή eshop σε όλους τους τύπους συσκευών και browsers
Adaptation of eshop to all types of devices and browsers

We study whether your online store offers the best possible user experience compared to the variety of devices your customers can use (smartphones, tablets, computers) in different environments.

Λειτουργικότητα ηλεκτρονικού καταστήματος
E-shop functionality

We test shopping cart functionality (adding and removing products to cart, applying discount codes, etc.), order processing and tracking, payment processing, remarketing functions, and more.

Ανταπόκριση eshop
E-shop withstanding

We test if the eshop can withstand high traffic, serving many customers at once, if it delays when prices and product descriptions are updated, etc. We can also provide a quick performance audit of the eshop before sales periods, e.g. Black Friday.

Διασύνδεση eshop με άλλα εταιρικά συστήματα
E-shop interface

We audit on how your online store connects to other systems responsible for multiple sales-related functions (payment gateways, ERP, CRM, delivery management system) and check that data is transferred without delays to and from the eshop.

Ασφάλεια eshop
E-shop security

We locate and assess security vulnerabilities in the online store, conduct malicious ddos attack tests and offer you recommendations to reduce security risks

If you are interested in a full audit of content & functions in your eshop, fill out the following form and we will contact you soon.