Online Consulting

If you are thinking about starting an eshop, there are certainly some questions that you would like an e-commerce consultant to answer.

Some of these questions that concern most people about starting an e-shop business are:

Is it worth starting an e-shop?
What is necessary for the development of an e-shop?
What is the cost for developing an e-shop?

And it’s normal to have questions when you’re about to make such an important investment such as running an online store.

But also consider how important it is to have thorough answers from specialized E-shop Consultants to all the questions that concern you about the creation of an e-shop and the establishment of an e-commerce business.

E-shop consultants are online!

Every question you may have about running an e-shop business is answered in an online appointment with the E-shop Consultant. Even if a question cannot be answered during the online meeting, it is recorded so that the answer can be sent to you later by email.

Every online meeting with the E-shop consultant lasts about 1hour and 30 minutes  

At the end of the online meeting with the consultant you will have a full image about:

  • If it is worth to start an e-shop,
  • What kind of competitors will your business face,
  • What is the price for e-shop development,
  • What kind of technological solution you need for the functionality of your e-shop,
  • The cost of managing and promoting an E-shop.

The e-shop consultant is at your service every time you need him!

See the available appointments with the E-shop Consultant here.

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