Onsite and offsite SEO audit

One of the most important factors in the success of your eshop is complying with search engine’s rules.

The SEO audit is carried out on all eshops regardless of their operating hours. The audit is conducted based on Google’s terms.

With the SEO audit we analyze your website and give you useful tips for optimizing your eshop to ensure a long-term success in search engine optimization! By performing a SEO audit, we identify technical errors and issues that degrade the image of your online store in search engines.

Έλεγχος SEO

Google evaluates not only the content of your eshop but also 200 more factors to better rank your online store in the organic results.

Of course, there are many free tools on the internet that promise to perform a seo audit in your eshop, but in no way can they replace the experience and specialized knowledge of our staff. Every data resulting from free seo audit tools should be analyzed and cross-checked with your eshop data.

Work with us and receive a comprehensive SEO study for your eshop and the corresponding one for your competitors!

If you are interested in a complete SEO audit on your e-shop then contact us by filling the following form.