e-shop technical audits

Do you want a true opinion from an independent company so you know if a good job had been done on your E-shop?

Do you also want to know what you can do to improve your online store and increase sales?

If so, then allow the E-shop Consultants to perform a comprehensive audit of your website. Our online store audits include a review of both the front end and the back end of the e-shop with a focus on performance and security. We also evaluate all modules and extensions with versions and interfaces in mind.

The report generated upon completion of the audit on your website highlights specific issues that can be applied to your own e-shop. From there, the proposed improvements begin, prioritizing the work based on a binding schedule for remediating which malfunctions.

Restoration work can be carried out by our experienced team of technicians or by your own team of technicians under the supervision of E-shop Consultants.

Get a head start on your competition by doing a comprehensive eshop audit now!

Complete e-shop
Technical audit

functionality and connections audit

Functionality and content audit

Rate visitor’s experience from website

On site and off site SEO audit

Rate e-shop on Google

Promotion Audit

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