Why you need an E-shop consultant?

E-Shop Consultant service comes to fill the gap created in the market by the operation of online stores by businesses that either do not have the necessary expertise in electronic commerce (e-commerce) or do not have the specialized staff.

The rapid and skyrocketing growth of online stores, the shift of consumers to online shopping, as well as the imperative need of businesses for online sales, brought companies into an unfamiliar technological environment, which requires specialized knowledge for the efficient operation of an e- shop.

The e-Shop Consultant is your trusted business partner who will guide you safely through the world of e-commerce, conducting thorough audits on the e-shop in order to identify any malfunctions that keep you away from your goal.

He will evaluate all the technological possibilities and dynamics that your website has at the back end and front end level and will prepare a complete report in which specific issues of improving the functions in the e-shop are highlighted.

Remediating issues on your site is done by prioritizing tasks from the most critical issues to the least critical with a specific work plan, accompanied by a realistic timeline.

With the E-Shop Consultant you will always have a more clear view of your online business!

Γιατί χρειάζεστε τον Σύμβουλο E-shop;

We are specialized e-Shop and e-commerce Consultants with knowledge of technology and many years of experience on e-shop technologies and digital marketing.

18 Reasons you need us!

  1. Your e-shop is low on views and has low visits and sales.
  2. Your e-shop has no sales
  3. The sessions of your users on your e-shop is low
  4. Your e-shop’s loading speed is slow
  5. Your product’s management is not easy
  6. Your e-shop’s settings doesn’t look right
  7. Your e-shop doesn’t show up on Google
  8. The costs for e-shop promotion are unreal
  9. Your advertising doesn’t give you sales back
  10. You want to know where are you standing in relation with your competitors
  1. Something went wrong on the development of your e-shop
  2. Your clients complain that they receive wrong orders
  3. Your e-shop doesn’t seem to work with the wharehouse
  4. You are missing out profit due to cash on delivery payments
  5. You need a full e-shop audit before you receive it from the developer
  6. You are looking forward to grow your business online
  7. You want to have a full image of your e-shop from a expert E-shop consultant
  8. You are thinking of starting a e-shop

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