What is the E-shop Consultant

E-shop is a business based on technology. The E-Shop Consultant is the one who will guide you accurately in what we call e-commerce.

The very nature of the word e-shop begins with ‘E’, e- denoting the electronic character. Thinking that e-commerce is modern retail or wholesale is a mistake. E-commerce now includes all technology channels! The future in e-commerce is the interfacing of corporate systems with the online store.

A competitive business in e-commerce should technologically have the appropriate infrastructure. The Alpha and the Omega in e-commerce is the e-Shop itself, as it is where everything starts and ends to be then distributed to the respective management departments of the company.

Also, for a business to be profitable in e-commerce, it must be able to compete based on the technological understanding of important factors that make an e-Shop successful.

In a few words, a modern business operating in e-commerce needs to have an e-Shop consultant.

Our consulting role on E-shops and E-Commerce

The E-Shop Consultant is an innovative service for Greece, which combines the knowledge and expertise of the ecommerce technical consultant, web developer and digital marketing. It is addressed to all businesses that have an e-shop or that are planning to develop an online store

Τι είναι ο Σύμβουλος E-shop;

We offer custom E-shop and E-commerce growth services for businesses and industries.

We work with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who have eshops in various industries. From fashion and clothing to furniture and cars, we have developed successful e-commerce solutions for different business models, including B2C and B2B. We want our expertise in e-commerce to become a key growth factor for your business.

The E-Shop Consultant service is chosen by businesses that want to save time and money by focusing more on relationships with suppliers and customers, rather than solving problems in the eshop and promotion.

If you already own a E-shop we can undertake:

The complete audit for the e-shop you got from your developer
The solution of any kind of problem you are facing on your online store.
Spotting possible errors if your sales are low or non existing.
The audit of the employees who have undertake the e-shop management.
The audit of low performing advertisements.
The consulting support for your business growth on e-Commerce.
The overview of the projects regarding the e-shop’s tools updates, functions and it’s ERP or marketplace connections.

If you are thinking of starting a e-shop business you can trust us for:

Consulting advise for functionality of your e-shop and valuation of operating costs.
Establishment of an e-Shop company in collaboration with specialized accountants and legal advisors.
Business growth abroad.

With the E-Shop Consultant service you always have a clear picture of your company’s ranking-possition in e-commerce and its growth potential.

How do we support our clients?