5 important questions for e-Shop development

1. What is necessary for e-shop development ?

The development of an e-Shoprequires the answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of products will you be selling?
  • How many products your online shop has?
  • In which countries will you be selling your products?
  •  In which currency you are accepting payments?
  • What are the payment methods?
  • What is your privacy and policy?

All of these questions are answered in the business plan of your online business, which will have been compilied by the E-shop consultant.

The answers to the questions will direct you to a decision regarding which platform to use to develop your e-Shop.

The selection of the appropriate e-Shopdeveloper will be done with the assistance of our consultants, studying the offers you will have received in your hands.

2. Eshop development pricing

The cost of developing a e-Shopranges from 50 euros up to 30,000 euros! There are solutions in the market such as renting a eshop that start with a low, monthly cost, but there are also solutions that cost a lot if you want to create an electronic mall.

Developing a functional e-Shop, which includes functions in cutting-edge technology, costs money. Do not think that you will make a complete e-commerce business with 1,000 euros, because when you work on it you will understand that the thousand euros was only the beginning…

3. Is it worth to for me to start an e-shop?

Yes it is, as long as you you go under the conditions that are mentioned bellow. It is worth to start and e-shop as long as you do the following.

  • If you open a eshop, you will have a store that will sell 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in any markets you choose. The only reasons why your e-Shop doesn’t sell are possible malfunctions or if you don’t advertise it. That means that you will have to advertise it and develop it using cutting edge technology.
  • It is worth starting a e-Shopwhen you have recognized the power of the internet and are willing to work on it, in order to build a strong brand name
  • Profits from the eshop are significant when you have control over the selling price. By buying cheap and selling quality products at competitive prices, you can have a very good profit margin every month.

The possibilities of a well-developed e-Shophave no limit! And you can start with a simple eshop on a platform like wordpress-woocommerce which has high scaling-ability potential.

Why is eshop scalability necessary? Because the platform on which the eshop will be set up should evolve, so as to follow the dictates of e-commerce in solutions, services and tools.

4. What is the tax for an e-shop?

The tax-ation of e-Shops depends on the legal form of the company. If the next question is what form of company to open for eshop, the answer is not one. The legal form of a eshop company depends on many factors such as the type of sale, whether it will be wholesale or retail, which markets you want to address, etc.

Because eshop taxation and setting up an eshop business is a complex process, in our team we have specialized financial advisors with whom you can schedule an online appointment and solve all your questions.

5. ACNs for e-shop

Activity Codes (ACNs) for e-Shop depend on your activity.