E-shop development with subsidy

More and more entrepreneurs are looking for a way out in subsidized eshop development. Of course, the eshop subsidy is an important financial support for small and medium-sized businesses, but certainly the investment should be made in a way that is beneficial for the company.

E-shop subsidy through “ESPA” requires your e-shop development in two languages (Greek and one more language) as well as the access for disabled people (WCAG). Also, the functionalities of the eshop are strictly controlled by the audit committees to be funded for the purpose of completeness and validity of the site. However, what is not audited is the use of the appropriate technology of the online store.  

The development of an eshop with a subsidy many times by chance turns into a trap for businesses, as the object is specialized, many entrepreneurs end up paying 2 and 3 times more for the eshop, due to errors that were not foreseen in the development or were not resolved before receiving the online store.

The most common mistake is that eshops are delivered to businesses with huge deficiencies in e-commerce tools. For this reason, entrepreneurs end up financing the subsidized eshop in order to be able to advertise it and sell their products. In other cases, they give up on the idea of ​​going online and give up on their online stores.

In the recent e-lianiko eshop subsidy, many businesses did not manage to have a functional eshop, that sells, even though the cost of 5,000 euros to build an eshop was satisfactory. Critical mistakes made were that there was no:

  • the knowledge of the appropriate way of adding products
  • Correct URL usage
  • SEO friendly e-shop
  • Adding free remarketing tools
  • Eshop connection with external promotion systems
  • Last but not least the technical review of the e-shop after it is completed.

The correction of such errors that were not detected in the development of the eshop can be done economically by our partners for your business, in a short period of time.

If you are interested in correcting errors on your online store, you can make an online appointment with us by clicking on the following ONLINE CONSULTING link.

Eshop subsidy 2022 with the “Digital Tools” program

The ESPA Program “Digital Tools of SMEs“, which started on 15/7/2022 and today 31/10/2022 the applications of the benefiting companies are completed, concerns the eshop subsidy for companies that had one job position throughout 2021. The program finances the development of a new eshop as well as the optimization – development of an existing eshop (digital marketing and advertising services, business intelligence tools, artificial intelligence,etc.).

The question is the optimal utilization of the funding for the companies that will receive the NSRF funding voucher

As E-Shop and E-commerce Consultants we have to recommend the adoption of Virtual Tour technology for businesses that want to be ahead of the competition. The adoption of this technology does not suit all businesses, of course, as a number of important factors related to the DNA of the business and its organization play an important role in the final decision.

Of course, there are many new technological trends in e-commerce, but with a proper study of the business and the competition, we can choose those features that will bring significant sales – even repeat ones – to the eshop.

E-shop development with subsidy 2023

According to information, a large eshop and website subsidy program is expected at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, which will include almost all businesses, with the aim of their smooth transition to the new digital reality.