E-shop management

If you are looking to get some experience in the management of your online shop, the E-Shop Consultants are here to help you. Before we talk about eshop manager training though, it would be useful to clarify exactly what an employee who manages an eshop should do.

Eshop management task

With the rise of e-commerce a new need in the job market has been created, which concerns eshop management.

The requirements that businesses have for the management of the e-shop are increasing and as a result the eshop manager has to deal with the digital marketing of the company.

Some of the skills that the eshop manager candidate should have are:

  • organisation and methodical management on orders
  • knowledge of content management in eshop
  • Skills in excel, graphic design and erp, crm, invoicing systems
  • developed the mood of good communication with the customers of the e-shop
  • knowledge of social media management
  • foreign languages (at least fluent in English)

As can be seen from the above if we are talking about an eshop with few daily sales then perhaps the above requirements can probably be met by employing an employee. However, in the case where the sales are enough every day then one employee will not be able to bring results in what we call “excellent eshop service”.

What does “eshop service” means

The service in the eshop starts from the moment the interested customer lands on the website. The way the products are presented is the showcase of the eshop. The functions in the “cart” and “checkout” are similar to those that a physical seller would have to do.

For example, if you wanted to buy a pair of trousers, wouldn’t the physical store clerk suggest you pair them with a T-shirt, betting on the possibility of buying 2 products instead of 1, which was your original intention? Also, wouldn’t he give you a price incentive to make the purchase more enticing?

Ofcourse yes!

The same logic applies to online sales in eshops that invest in excellent service.

The comparative advantage that the eshop has over the physical store is that it sells 24 hours a day and the customer does not have to wait for the seller to serve him.

But for this to happen in an online store means that there is a well-developed eshop manager behind it.

What exactly is eshop management and what are the responsibilities of the administrator?

The eshop manager is responsible for the online sales of the brand. He oversees the appearance and operation of the company’s eshop and is responsible for generating sales through online channels.

Depending on the role, eshop management may be overseen by digital marketing professionals, developers and IT software developers who contribute to the website’s traffic, design and structure.

The contact with the customers of the e-shop is among the responsibilities of the customer service department and not of the eshop manager.

Inventory tracking is the responsibility of the storekeeper, not the person who operates the online store. Invoicing is the job of the accounting department and not the employee who ensures the smooth operation of the online store and online stock updates.

We think that we should clarify this because the most important problem concerning the loss of customers in eshops is the way they have organized their order management and customer service. For those companies interested in organizing their e-commerce department properly, E-Shop Consultants offer specialized consulting services of organizational structure and human resources utilization.

Eshop management training

E-Shop Consultants can train anyone who wants to acquire comprehensive knowledge of eshop management.

At the end of the training seminar, the trainees will be able to know:

  • Product management in eshop
  • Discount policy management
  • Blog management
  • Competition inventory and analysis
  • Monitoring eshop functionality
  •  Google Analytics tracking
  • Developing quality backlinks for SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing Development-growth

Trainings by E-Shop Consultants are done on a per person basis.

Our aim is to train you properly so that you acquire all the skills you need to meet the needs of the E-Shop Manager position. The training is done online on demo eshop, but also in Live eshop, when the trainee has acquired the necessary knowledge.

The eshop management trainings are 10 hours long and take place in 2 hours of training every day for 5 days.